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Young People

Life can bring all sorts of challenges our way and navigating these whilst your body and brain changes during adolescence can be tough and scary. Although some teens may choose to talk to people that are already in their everyday lives, others prefer to speak to a person that is separate, such as a counsellor like me.

Counselling can help with issues such as relationship problems, exam stress, anxiety, self-harm, self-esteem, bereavement and depression. Just like adult therapy, it can give a young person the opportunity to express how they feel in a safe, confidential place, without fear of judgement. However, the theoretical framework and methods used as part of the counselling process may differ and will depend on the young person’s age, situation, development and preferences.

Creative methods such as drawing, painting or drama can be useful to help expression, although older teenagers may prefer talking therapy, or a mixture of both.

Group of teenagers making different acti
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